Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Deaderlands Rising

Been playing alot of Dead Island lately, yes I know Batman is out and I haven't even bought it. I will, no need to get it though while I am still engrossed in a current game.

But Just thought I throw this in about the game Dead Island. It reminds me of 3 different games mixed into one and in a good way.

First is Borderlands in how they handle the skill tree and core game mechanics, except guns, its mainly melee weapons. Even the quest are laid out much like borderlands, that and the co-op and driving portions of the game. I would say that the game is very much 60% like Borderlands.

Secondly is Dead Rising, well obviously it is a survival zombies game, but more in the save people and create weapons from finding different items to create a bat with nails or a electrified kitchen knife. Nothing as silly as Dead Risings possibilities, but they are there none the less.

Third is Fallout, but only a small portion and only in the aspect of collecting items. Dead Island you have to search everything to collect all sorts of random items. Wires, metal blades, just alot of weird stuff that you don't really know if you need or not. But unlike Fallout where you have limited number of slots, Dead Island you have a bottomless tickle trunk for weapon making items.

That's about it, enjoying the game so far. I haven't come across any crazy bugs that people mentioned when the game first came out, so all is well. Well well as it can be for a zombie ridden island.


Carly said...

I enjoyed it too and I completely agree with the multi-game comparison. Only bug I found was occasionally I'd die whilst using a weapon and that weapon would disappear from my inventory when I respawned.

Blake said...

Yeah, I hope to not come across any bugs and if I do, please let them be small bugs.

Kelli said...

I was watching my hubby play and this game is nothing like the trailer. I thought it was going to be more intense, but I would still play it though.

Blake said...

I finished it, enjoyed it. Fun enough to play around online with others everynow and then.