Friday, October 28, 2011

Dead Island - Done, Finito, Stick a Fork In It

Finally finished Dead Island, it said that its campaign is 20 hrs long. Last time I checked I was 23 hrs in. But when I finally finished the game, it was a total of 40 hrs. But alot of that is me exploring everything, doing ALL of the side quest, etc.

In the end I had found all 120 collectables, and I was even trying to collect all of those so that was a nice surprise. I had also explore all 72 locations, but yet there were areas on the map that were still not explored, so I guess if you just enter area without really exploring it still counts, so that was another bonus.

Let me Sum it Up


- Gameplay is fun, enjoyable hunting and running from zombie hordes.
- SKill tree is always fun but because you can't upgrade everything in one playthrough, then select your skills wisely. I put 1 point into my rage skill tree and the rest went into combat and survival.
- Upgrading weapons and item finding is always fun
- Playing with friends is a blast, especially when your just goofing around.
- Exploring the different areas was entertaining, I got a few good scares and a few cheap deaths.


- Most everyone you interact with for quest have little to no animations. Most of the time they stare at the floor as they scream that their loved ones are missing. Its really odd.
-At some point in the game I wanted to encounter that typical scene that we see in most zombie movies, where you enter a area and its just zombies as far as the eye can see. This never happens, heck there is trophy for setting 10 zombies on fire at the same time. Good luck getting more than 5 zombies in a area at anyone time. I would have rather more slow moving zombies rather than faster moving zombies.

- No sniper rifles, again, this comes from a zombie movies of sitting on a roof top surround by zombies and just picking them off one by one with a sniper rifle. BUT - I don't know if you do get a sniper rifle in the game, you may.?? I just never found one.
- End Boss is a dick, be prepared to die every 5 secs and lose all your money, so be sure to spend all your money on something before you fight him, unless you think you can survive without dieing, then you really are a master zombie hunter.
-Online co-op although enjoyable is buggy as hell, game freezes, drop outs, just weird things happening. Its not horrible, but its annoying when it happens.

With it done, I will probable play co-op with whomever is interested to fart around for a bit, but I doubt I will be going through the campaign again.

Alot if not all of these bugs have been fixed to date, but I heard that it was a pretty buggy bug for a week or more.