Wednesday, September 28, 2011

X-men Destiny Review - Where Is IT?!?

I have to admit I am a sucker for super hero games. I even went out and purchased this game yesterday and its by Activision too, so that should tell you that I really was excited about this game.

I have yet to play it so I figured I go read some online reviews from some of the more popular game sites. But I can't find any, NONE!! zip , zero, nothing.

Don't most gaming sites have the reviews up the same day of launch or at least the next day??

This doesn't sit well with the game being good. My thoughts are if the developer(Activision) knows the game is a stinker, they probable didn't give review copies to all the review sites. Which means they have to wait for release date to get the game themselves, then they have to play through them which takes time to do.

So if I had to take a stab and what happened, then I have to say that this game is going to be a sorry piece of shit that I already sunk my money into it. Oh well, I guess I give it a try tonight and see if I enjoy it or not.

Here's hoping for the best or if Activision screwed me over yet again.


Edward said...

Go play it now and review it for us, dammit!!!!
I might get it as well!

Blake said...

I'm on my way..oh wait...after work tonight, I'll give my initial thoughts on the thing.

TheBankGuy said...

Sorry...but initial reviews are not good. I changed my pre-order to Batman. some sites are giving it as low as 4 out of 10.