Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Resistance 3 - PS3

I'll make this brief seeing as I talked quite a bit about this game over the past month. But now that I finished the game, put some time into online, I think its fair to make a statement about it overall.

The gameplay of R3 single player campaign and story wise is best one out of the bunch, hands down. There is no complaints here, fun to be had by all.

Playing the single player campaign online in co-op has some issues. I don't know if I did something wrong, but when me and Beatfreaker finished the game(on hard) I got the "completed campaign mode" trophy and Jay did not. So did we do something wrong? cause that sucks ballz, BIG TIME. So if you want your complete campaign trophy, your gonna have to play it by yourself first to get that trophy. Where as co-op comes off feeling like a friend jumping into your game to help rather than being a part of it.

This also comes in in the cut scenes. Where I could see everything that was happening. Jay's cut scenes were 10-15 sec behind mine. So when it ended on my part, his would cut off even before they finished playing. So often times I had to fill in Jay what was happening cause the story cut off short for him. That also sucks.

The last thing was, no clear indication of where to go next. There was a handful of times that what we had to do or where do we go just had us baffled. Often times, it was because a enemy was still hidden somewhere in the level, poor placement of doors/ladders, or the AI partner getting stuck in walls/doors. It was annoying for sure.

Online, the more I play it, the more I am disliking it for one reason and one reason only. That is the LAG!!

Every time I play online, I am fighting two things. My opponents and the lag. One guy was camped up in the corner sitting on a stair railing. So it should have been a easy kill for me. Instead, I put him in my sights and let loose. There is bullets hitting him and blood shooting from his corpse, but hes not moving. So my first thought was " the guy is frozen or has disconnected and his character is still locked in the game?"

But nope, the next thing I know, hes standing on the stairs to my left, shooting me and I end up DEAD.

It makes using your long range weapons useless, snipers and marksmen guns are downright unusable online. Infact, much of the online gameplay is pure luck, luck that you better hope that you arn't lagging when you meet a opponent. The more chances than not, it lags and die, often times I don't even know how, and then I see a guy lag across the screen in front of me.

I check my other online games and they all work fine. So its not my connection, its the game itself and to be honest. Its a game killer for me, I don't want to play online when its all going to shit with Lag. Insomniac has to fix this and asap.

OK, I guess this wasn't brief, but they are all important points I think. Overall, I enjoyed everything in the game, the unlocks, the upgrades, the game play. But there's also alot going on, that is really annoying. I must say that I am a little disappointed my play session. It was enjoyable, but most certainly, not one of the best co-op experiences I've played.

This video shows online, but not the version I'm playing, heck this guy can see everything. Mine just has guys skipping all over the place, its horrible. Jump to 55 sec to see it start playing. The other thing is that the people hes playing against seem more like bots. I say that cause most people you meet head to head, just dance left to right really quickly which I hate in online games.