Friday, September 9, 2011

Resistance 3 - First Impressions

I base this off one game of multiplayer and then maybe 2 hrs and a bit of single player campaign in co-op mode with Beatfreaker over at portable soldier.

Complaints? - YES
Positives? - YES

Got the game and it literally took 30-45 min to set the game up. What do I mean, well the game had to install to the HD, which took the longest. After the game installed and you rebooted, there was a 650 MB update. Which took another 10-15 min to download and install. After that, I still had to quit the game and go to the PS store to redeem my code for the online pass.Sooooooo, after all that, you can finally boot up the game and start playing. A long process, but once its done, its done. I guess its no different than setting it up on a PC with the downloads and installs?

While I waited for Jay to do the same thing on his end, I figure I give multiplayer a try. Unlike the beta, its not as fast, its slowed down quite a bit. Which I like, so its all good. But I did notice quite a bit of lag, which was a annoying and I hope they fix this. I was enjoying myself, running around and shooting people. But with 1 min left to the match, the game hard locked on me. So I had to reboot my system.

Start it back up and go back into the game and it didn't keep any of my stats. All my kills and ribbons that I got during the match were gone. So I hope they fix that aswell.

By now, We were ready to start the single player campaign in co-op mode. We are playing it on hard and so far, I die alot. Jay will get his revive a teammate 20 times in no time. I think I revived Jay twice where I was revived at least 6-7 times.

When the game starts and the cut-scenes begin. Jay's cut-scenes starts 10-15 sec behind me. So when my cut scene is done playing it automatically goes into the game which results in Jays cut-scene stopping with a message that says," Second player as skipped cut-scene". Which I didn't do, it automatically jumps into the game regardless if Jays cut-scene is done or not. So it makes hard to see the whole story on his end, when you are missing 10-15 sec of each clip. Please fix this.

The other thing are the load times in between matches, it seems to vary. Some times, its decent enough. This one time, we thought the game locked up on us. BUT, we could still talk to each other and exit to the XMB. But the screen was black with no loading indication what so ever. It got to the point where I said,"well, lets just quit here and start up again another night". When I said that, the game starts up. So I don't know if its because we are playing online co-op or it this indeed is part of the single player campaign load?

But once you are in the game, all that is forgotten, its fun, it looks great and is a blast to play with a partner. Alot of fun, and like a good book that you can't put down and want to see what happens in the next chapter. This game is just like that. I want to push the story along and see what's in store next. A new enemy, a new area location, its all very satisfying.

So far in the game, there's annoying bits and good bits. Until I play more and see how it all gets flushed out, I will reserve my final thoughts on it.


TheBankGuy said...

Umm 35-40 minutes that is long, but the longest a game ever took to install for me was Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. I had to leave it overnight! That's one thing I love about my installs.

Blake said...

YEah, it was a pain. I think it was the longest install process I've ever had on the PS3.

Going through the single player campaign on hard now in online co-op mode. Its pretty fun, but we die alot.