Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Plants Vs Zombies - PSN

I knew this game was good from all the previous talking about it from most everyone. But I have to say that I think this game is in the running for "Game of the Year" for me.

WOW!!.. I am loving this game. At first I thought it was just a standard RTS that wasn't too hard and fun to look at(If you like cartoony- which I do)

But after I finished the single player campaign, the game really opens up and shows all the extra stuff avaible. From the puzzles, mini games, survival mode, your garden, the Wise Tree, Your leader boards house, getting money and buying items which enhances each one of these.

There is so much in this game its down right ridiculous. Just when you think, you've seen everything in the game, there's more to be had. And sure, I've seen alot of these modes in other games, but this game handles it like a whole new game. Heck, the game could have just contained one of these things and been a game on its own.

I've played Vs mode and Co-op mode with my son and its fantastic fun. Its easy to learn, easy to play. I mean I've played pixel junk monsters and savage moon and I've struggled getting used to how the game works. But with Plants Vs Zombies, it does a great job of slowly introducing you to new game mechanics and it works flawlessly.

Its has to be one of the best put together games I've played on the PSN and for any disc for that matter. I got it for free for being a Plus member, but holy cow, this game is so worth the full price and more.

IAN!!!..this is one zombie game that you have to play. The demo alone, just doesn't do it justice. Again, last night I had one of those moments where I kept playing and before I knew it, it went from 10:00 pm to 3:00am.

I'm opting to play this over Resistance 3 right now and I'm enjoying the hell outta it. I can't recommend this game enough. Its fantastic.

One thing I noticed in the trailer and its not in the game are the white sunflowers. In the game you get energy from happy little sunflowers, but in the trailer I see white ones. So I have no clue to what they are? but again, there's still so much I have yet to play and do, so perhaps I just need to unlock it?


Daisy said...

I absolutely LOVE this game!

Blake said...

Its great hey! I just can't say enough good things about it.