Friday, September 9, 2011

Gearbox Wants Your Help With Borderlands 2

The studio gearbox set up a survey for people who have played the first borderlands, to help them with feedback about what they liked about the first game so they can listen to the fans thoughts and incorporate it into borderlands 2.

So if you played the first one, Click HERE to go to the survey page and fill it out. It takes a couple of min and its nice to see studios do this sort of thing.

Gearbox, for me , is turning out to be one of my favorite studios. Duke doesn't count...that game was a mess long before gearbox tried to fix it. Good on them for having the ballz to pick that mess up and try to piece it together.


TheBankGuy said...

I wish they would make a new Brothers in Arms. Love that series.

I know for a long time people were sick of WWII shooters, but it's time for another one. We don't need anymore IRAI-JAKASTANIAN-FALLUJAH rip offs anymore. After Battlefield 3, someone should do a really kick butt WWII game, followed by a great Vietnam game. Just my opinion...

Blake said...

Funny you say that, just yesterday I as listening to the old Battlefield WWII theme, and got me thinking that they need to reboot that series.

The COD world at war doesn't count. That one just seemed slapped together for me. Make it nice and pretty.

Kelli said...

only thing i have is to make more characters, and i wish they would stop taking money everytime we died, that was the only time i felt rich, lol.

Blake said...

Yeah, in the harder levels they pretty much strip you your money.