Thursday, August 25, 2011

Street Fighter 3rd Strike : Online Edition - PS3

I actually pre-ordered this when it first came out and picked it up two days ago. If you are a street fighter fan, then this is a MUST have for all street fighter fans.

I only ever played this in the arcades and never really understood all the new characters. But man the animations on these characters are beautiful and this version is loaded with all the extras. Its chocked full of goodies. So its just not a remastered version

It has single player, trials, unlockables, art, record your matches and upload directly to you tube, online matches, different match types. Its amazing for this quality game to 15 bucks)

If you are a fan of the series, you will love this. I know I am enjoying it. But I also suck at playing fighting games, but I still enjoy them all the same. So fighting online with this game results in me losing...alot. If I do win, its probable becuase my opponent probable put the controller down and went to take a dump.

So that would probable be my only complaint, but that complaint is for most fighting games. Is that online community is usually filled with hardcore players.

What I really like is the theme song that they have within the game itself. Its in the trailer here, but its acutally in the game. I like it, I think its fits great within the game. But These games usally have hit and miss when it comes to music for me.

But go get this today, and if you do, hit me up to test your skills online. Don't worry, its no different than fighting a baby. Not that I fight alot babies or anything.