Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Resistance 3 - Beta Impressions

DAMN COOL!!! that's what it is - DAMN COOL!!

I guess from playing alot of battlefield, the first thing you notice is the speed of which everything moves at. People run faster, everything is faster. Which takes getting used to, but once you do, I was doing pretty good. At one point I heard one of my teammates say, "This is how Halo should be played". I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.

The one thing I did notice, is that opponents were bullet sponges. Holy cow, could they ever take a boat load of damage. Normally when you sneak up behind somebody, you should have the upper hand. Not here,, you come up behind somebody, start laying the bullets into them, they turn around, activate a perk and kill you. Its kinda frustrating, so I hope they balance that out a bit.

But wow, its so nice looking and has all the bells and whistles in terms of options. Gun upgrades, perks, ribbons and medals and challenges.

The only bad thing I can think of, is this...I don't want to play it alot and go up in the ranks, only to start all over again once the game comes out. So for now, I am happy to have played the beta and enjoy it. But for now, I am going to wait for the full game. Can't wait for Resistance 3.

This is the online level that you get in this video.