Thursday, August 25, 2011

More With R3 Beta - SLOW DOWN!

Okay, I said I wouldn't go back to the Resistance 3 Beta, but I wanted to try it online with friends one last time and with that, alot more came up and I've noticed more.

So I guess the last post could fall under the " ooh , NEW AND SHINY". Here's what stood out the most.

Please slow down the overall gameplay. Everyone moves way too fast. Its too arcadey, way too much like COD and Halo. You will meet people and they will spam the back and fourth motion, moving from side to side very quickly spamming the trigger. It makes for very annoying encounters.

Other great shooters, if someone started shifting fro side to side quickly, it usually results in them getting killed, due to moving around erratically while shooting results in poor aim. While here, spraying bullets while moving from side to side seems to be the thing to do.

The other things were we trying to set up friend squads? I guess? I don't know how it works since we couldn't get it to work.

We tried, 3 of us to invite each other, but kept getting error, " Person is not online". The only way we could get all 3 of us in the same match on the same team was to phone call each other and coordinate with one of us joining a random game and immediately have the other 2 players click the players name and join him while he is in the staging area.

Only then, would all 3 of us get in the match together.

But even after that fact, the game hard-locked on us a few times.

Like I said, they are called Beta's for a reason. So I wouldn't hold it against insomniac, since I also hated the Killzone 3 online beta. But that beta and what they released in the game were two different things. So I am still looking forward to playing some resistance 3.