Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BioShock 2 - PS3

Got this in the bargain bin for $10, more than worth the money. Heck if you pay $30 for this title now, its still the worth the money.

Won't say much on this beside some important bullet points that stood out for me.

1) Waiting the length of time I did from when the first game came out to playing the second one just now, really enriched the game alot for me. I didn't have that feeling that most people seemed to get when playing the 2nd one right after the first one. There for I enjoyed the game much more than the average gamer I think, because of that reason.

2) Multiplayer is fun, but starting at lower level are at a disadvantage to the more experience players, due to all the perks they have. So this means dieing alot in the beginning, but overall the gameplay online is fun. I enjoyed it more than what I thought I would. Its set up a little different how everything works, but the core online gaming your standard fare, but still very much enjoyable.

3) Came across 2 bugs in the entire game. Both were sound related. The first one was during a fight with a Big sister, the music gets all action intense. After you kill her, the music goes away and reestablishes the mood with its atmospheric tone. This one time, the action dramatic music didn't go away. So I had to finish the whole level with the pounding intense music. Which kinda took away from the levels intensity when your constantly up on 9 the whole time.

The other one involved carrying around a little sister. They tend to get chatty while perched upon your shoulder. Mine got stuck in a loop with," I'm bored". Every 5 secs, she chime in with" I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored, etc, etc". I never hunted down draining Adam as fast as I did while she was on my shoulder. Holy Heat balls was it ever annoying. Even while she was draining the ADAM from the corpse and the splicers were swarming me, she was still shouting out," I'm bored".

But in the end I had alot of fun with this game and enjoyed just as much as I did the first one. I am wondering if the ending turns out different if I decided to harvest all the little sister and not save them? But I will be playing online for a bit and see how that goes. Surprisingly, there is still a decent sized community still playing.

If you played the first one and liked it. But like me stayed away from the second one, go ahead a pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

Here's some other bugs that people have found.