Monday, August 22, 2011

BioShock 2 - Multiplayer

After finishing the single player on Bioshock, I jumped into multiplayer to give it a go.
First Impressions - Its Good, go try it.

Okay, lets explain a little. Bioshock is one of those multiplayer experiences that has the early level players really at a disadvantage to all the higher levels.

Expect to die alot, even if you get the jump on somebody, they can turn around and kill you in a heartbeat. Mainly due to all the perks that they've unlocked at the higher levels.

I've currently at level 7 and I still am getting my ass handed to me. But a few things that you can do to give yourself more XP besides kills are.

1) Research dead opponents
2) Hack Gun Turrets
3) Hack Health and Ammo Stations
4) Spam the hell outta your plasmids when you meet someone. If you try to shoot first, more than likely you will end up frozen, on fire or electrocuted just to name a few. All of which, give your opponent a leg up on encounters. So plasmids first, bullets second.

I was surprised to see a decent sized community still playing this game online. So finding matches wasn't that bad at all. I did encounter a few matches with horrible lag, that had me running down a hall then the next min, I was stuck in a corner. That match ended with me having 14 deaths and 2 kills. But on matches with no lag, I have come in first place a few times. So lag is a killer in this game.

But over all, its a great time. If anyone owns this game and like to jump on with me for some bioshock multiplayer, than by all means. I look forward to playing with ya.