Friday, August 19, 2011

Amy Trailer

You ever have those dreams where you are running away from something, something that if it gets you, then your dead, screwed, done for, over , Fanito!!?

A game, no guns, no weapons, playing as a little girl trying to escape monsters! Wow, this looks intriguing and scary as heck. I mean even dead space and Resident evil weren't scary bad for me, cause I had weapons to protect myself. This game is just going to result in me panicking and running into a wall. Can't wait to see more. These arn't zombies Ian!


YAGRS said...

Not a new concept (this is territory that's been covered by the Clock Tower series, among others), but it could be very cool. Probably a game I won't get to play, though, as I now have more games than I will likely play through during the remainder of my life (which is crazy to think about, but true).

Blake said...

I know, I know..the amount of games hrs compared to actual time to play them isn't fair.