Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Leaving 4 8 Days!

Going on vacation and will be back, not this Monday but the Monday after that. So I won't be posting anything new... from me anyway. But Rowan(Ian) is still around to put in his 2 cents now and then. So it shouldn't be completely baron while I am gone. So enjoy your gaming and all that jazz and give Ian a kick in his willy bum for new content.

You hear me out there in Internet land?!!?..whats that?....speak up?.......I said SPEAK UP!!!....that's much better. Now slow down and repeat that please!.......uh uh.....Uh UH?...I see....well now........ok okay!

The Internet told me that Ian was just eaten by a pixelated tiger. If he survives, then there may be new post to look forward too. GOOD LUCKS SIR IAN!!!


Edward said...

Wish you a great vacation, mate!
I'm going on vacation as well on the 11th, too bad that Chilean volcano won't let me go where I want to.

Kelli said...

Have a good time :)

Jason Flowers said...

Have fun bro. Rest up! Just don't do a Hangover type deal!!