Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Get 1 Million Points in Duke Nukem Forever Pinball

I spent 45 min trying to get this. Yup..played the game last night for 4 hrs and spent 45 min of it playing pinball. But hey, if you like the zen pinball games, that this will tickle that fancy of yours. Its no where near as precise, but its fun none the less.

I'd like to say, I used skill and shot the ball in the right spots to get the million points. Instead I exploited a weakness in the game. First off you will need to use your tilt function with the left analog stick. If you tap it left, the ball will go left, if you tap up, it will go up, etc , etc.

Here is a little pic I quickly made to give you an idea of what I did.

Step 1 - Get the ball on the upper flipper and hold it. You will notice 3 square bumpers just above the flipper.

Step 2 - Quickly flick the ball by lightly tapping L1 when the ball is in the utmost corner of the flipper. DON"T let the ball roll out on the flipper before tapping it. Its really going to be quick here.

Step3 - Once you flick the ball up, it should hit the first 2 bumpers, sometimes the 3rd and the ball will start to fall away from you, Its here that you should use the Tilt function and press left to make the ball go back to your flipper. REPEAT

It will take you about 12-15 min to get to a million points this way. But trust me, its much much shorter than trying to get it by shooting the ball around the table. There are just too many instances where the ball will shoot straight down the middle and there is literally nothing you can do.

Some other hints...take your time, don't hit the ball too hard, make sure its in the utmost corner when flipping it-don't let it roll out on the flipper, wait a couple of sec when the ball returns to your flipper after titling it there. If you hit tilt too many times in a row with out letting enough time go by, the game will tell you that you've tilted the game and lose the ball. The most you can tilt it in a row is 2. Wait a couple secs before using tilt again, which will be easy since the ball will be resting on your flipper.

With that, you should get your million points and your Balls of Steel Trophy.

So far I am enjoying the game and have to disagree with the critics that this game is utter shit.
BUT, the animation of Duke when you look at your self in the mirror is downright laughable bad. Give them another year to tweak the animations of the game for sure. But this is not a game killer. Funny looking to see so many awful animations. It falls under, its so bad its good.

You can try and get the comboX2, but its kinda difficult to get, it doesn't make the process go faster, that's for sure.