Thursday, June 2, 2011

BorderLands - A Call To Arms

If you follow the blog, you've heard my rants about Marocrax or... Gawd!!, why can't I ever remember its name..the big purple crab in the Knoxx DLC level.

Point being, I want this thing dead..dead dead!!! So I plan on hosting a Borderlands - Kill the big purple crab monster night. Want to know who is interested in getting in on this insane task.

Here are a few tips that one may want to know.

1) I'm at level 51 and I die within seconds of seeing it, so we shall have to do some grinding to go up some levels first. But this should be pretty quick seeing as the enemies on the harder setting gives you big XP.

2)The Purple crab monster is level 64 or 65 with its minions at level 61, so I am thinking we need to at least reach level 58-59 to even remotely take on this thing.

3) You need to own the General Knoxx DLC

4) Its better that you already have completed the General Knoxx DLC as if you haven't and join a game that has..then once you go back to your game, it will show you that all your missions are completed. Its a game glitch , unless they fixed it already.

5)If you are interested and apply to all the above, then leave a comment and let me know so I can set up a time that's good for everyone.

If you like to join and aren't on my PSN friends list, then my PSN name is" Victory_Class

Hopefully we can fill out a team of 4, oh and mics usually help with ease of the plan but not a necessity. I will just have to interpret your ducking for "No" and jumping for "yes", lol.

Good Hunting!

Here's the intro song to get you all jammed or pumped up about it.


Jason Flowers said...

I love Borderlands but never played any of the DLC. I just play too many damn games and never got around to any of it. I need to go back and play Borderlands, i only need like 4 trophies for a platinum.

Blake said...

I put in a good 100 hrs into that game, I have great faith in gearbox to make good games.

Adam Timmins said...

I wouldn't mind playing with you but your on PS3 right? :(

Blake said...

Yeeesss,the PS3 only sorry. But you can be there in spirit?! Sounds good to me.

Kelli said...

one of my favorite theme songs evaaaaa! I'll re- enlist to help defeat crawmer... oh however you spell it. my kids are away for a couple months so I'll be uninterrupted.... unless i gotta go pee.

Blake said...

@kelli: of right now that makes 3 of us. Just need one more for a full team. I'll send details either via Pacroid or PSN as to when.

Kelli said...

cool, can't wait :)