Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are You REALLY Still Supporting These People?!

The art of exploitation??..sure...Terrorism - The art of suicide bombing!

I'm not a supporter of the hackers, I'm not sided with their cause against Sony, regardless of how shitty they handled the Hotz situation. At first I may have had a little sympathy when they released a statement that they were sorry for messing with the PSN (the first time), that they didn't mean to mess with gamers, just the company.

Then the shit hit the fan with hackers and all that went out the window. They are hacking everything and it didn't matter if you were a gamer, CEO of a big company. They are messing with every one's lives. But yet, when I mention this, people still are showing support for the hackers on some level. I'm boggled when it comes to this, these people are common criminals and especially with the latest hacks.

This week they(yet no one claims to speak for the group when it suits their actions) announce they are doing Titanic Takeover Tuesday.

This week on Tuesday the following things got hacked. Gamers and companies alike, it doesn't matter to these people. They DON"T CARE ABOUT gamers, they don't care that they are messing with people's personal information, they don't care that they are disrupting some one's time.

2)League of Legends
3)Eve Online
4)WOW support line
5) Escapist website
7)FBI(branch of)
9)Senate of America

These are the same people who hacked Bethesda a week or two ago. They break in and shut the sites down, or mess with them so that the company have to shut down the site to rebuild the security. All of these got hacked in 1 day. 1 day!!!

To give you an idea of how severe this is. This month or last month, I should say. City Group bank got hacked and 210,000 people info, including credit card numbers were stolen. And the Bank didn't tell its costumers till a month later.

Its like the prisoner we see sitting in the cell, crying for what he did. But you've talked with him over the past months and he's really a nice guy, smart, funny and seems like a overall good individual. So you feel sympathy for his situation, perhaps he could be given some leeway? Oh right, he did murder and rape innocent children...but that was 30 years ago....I'm sure he's learned his lesson, he seems like such a stable fellow now! - OK, that's a little off track there..but the point is , there always seems to be someone who support these guys.

I'm honestly tired of all the hacking and if I got hacked tomorrow , I probable wouldn't even know it if they were being stealthy about it, heck most of us wouldn't. But then again, there's no press is hacking Joe blow from down the road.


Oliver.M said...

Hacking is getting more and more common now and it's really driving me nuts. When Lulzsec hacked all those sites (ESPECIALLY Bethesda!) I was so mad! How do people like these guys!

Big D said...

The thing about guys like this is that they are very ego-driven. And that's what always leads to them getting busted.

If they were really that good, they'd be in and out, stealing credit card and banking info before they were even detected. Instead of hacking crap like 4chan and video game websites then bragging about it. They're just a bunch of douchebags and they're going to get caught.

Kelli said...

I also heard that Sega got hacked as well.

Jason Flowers said...

Just don't let me catch any of them in person i will probably go to jail for a few days! I'm old school. Mess with people when they are physically in front of you not when their pants are down. If the person who did you wrong is a coward be a bigger person and move on. Anonymity just makes hackers look like cowardly children which they are in reality.

Blake said...

ahah, SEGA...was that the story where they said the Sega Dreamcast got hacked? Cause that was pretty funny.