Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tekken Movies

I am somewhat of a fan of the Tekken series, although the last game I purchased was Tekken Tag on the PS2, but I have tried the newer ones at friends places, and they are fun enough. A good time waster for the fans of the series.

But there have been a movie or two about the stuff, the last live action movie as totted with being a big pile of poo poo.

While this new 3D movie is more akin to the cut scenes that you would see within the game itself. As long as it makes sense. I am always weary of stuff coming out of Japan, it either makes no sense with what is happening or I can't tell the difference between the female and male characters, that's starting to change recently with Japan taking cue's from north America and giving them giant boobs.

I won't be in line to grab this up first thing or anything, but it is interesting to see how its handled.