Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sony's Welcome Back Package

I think most people knew even before it came out, that it wouldn't please everyone. There will always be someone with some sense of entitlement, "ME - what about ME - I/ME Deserve this".

Most of us already know whats offered in the program. Here is this again for those of you who may have not seen it.

You can select two of the five following PlayStation 3 games:

  • Dead Nation
  • Infamous
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Super Stardust HD
  • WipeOut HD + Fury

If you own a PSP, then two of the following 4 games:

  • LittleBigPlanet PSP
  • ModNation Racers PSP
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation


  • "A selection of 'On Us' rental movie titles" for use on a single weekend. The weekend in question and the titles available have yet to be determined.
  • Non-PlayStation Plus subscribers get 30 free days of PlayStation Plus.
  • Existing PlayStation Plus subscribers get 60 free days of PlayStation Plus.
This is great, except for the fact that I own all the games for the PS3 except wipeout HD. But I'm not upset by this, the selection of games offered are varied for different taste, A shump, Twinstick shooter, sandbox, platformer and racer. Covers the basics of all gamers taste. I also don't own a PSP, otherwise I take advantage of Killzone liberation and modnation racers.

So sadly I will miss out on any free games(not a racing gamer - no Wipeout HD for me), but hey! I do get 2 extra months of Playstation Plus, I'm cool with that. Honestly I am just looking forward to having access to all the great DLC games that have came out within the past 3 weeks.

In the end, I'm perfectly happy with the more than generous package offered.


rowen26 said...


Initially, I was annoyed that the games offered were useless to me.
But in the end, it's ok.

I'm glad the PSN is back and I have enough games to keep me occupied. :)

Edward said...

are the giveaway games free or all psn users, or only for those who pay for the service?

rowen26 said...

All users.

Jason Flowers said...

Welcome Back Kotter haha watched that as a kid. Ok i'll take Dead Nation and Wipeout HD. I have a PsP but rarely play it so i might just forget those games.

YAGRS said...

Wow, I didn't expect them to give out full PS3 games, but then again, I haven't been paying very close attention to any of this, as I really don't use PSN. Very cool for me, though, as I don't have any of those games.

Blake said...

@Flowers - I too enjoyed the Kotter show, was sad to see them all graduate. Did they graduate?! I think they did...it was a long time ago, I could be wrong.

@YAGRS - The package is great for people like yourself who don't use the PSN often or at all. Really gives some solid choices.

YAGRS said...

I thought about this today, and it really is unfortunate that Sony isn't providing more options. Like you said, this is great for people like me, but therein lies the problem. I really don't use PSN. I've bought a few games from the store (I believe just 3 PS1 games), and I frequently access my Netflix account via my PS3, but I do little else with the console. I have considerably more 360 games (35 Xbox games vs 6 PS3 games), and I have yet to really put in any time on the PS3 games that I do own (been playing the retro consoles more than anything). So, I get to pick up a couple of great games (inFamous and Little Big Planet) while loyal customers who actually use the service won't benefit as much.

Granted, my personal info was out there like everyone else's, and I'm not happy that a hacker may have accessed it, but I don't feel as affected as the loyal PS3 gamers by all of this.