Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - PSN

I downloaded this before the store went down, being a plus member you get this game for free. I'm also a old school Sega Genesis fan, so anything on that system holds a special place in my heart.

Playing it now, this is when the series started to take its down turn. The first one was a great, a balance, look and feel of a great game.

The second one, its as if they went success crazy. HOLY MOLY!!, the first one did well....lets make the second one and choose all the things that are wrong with it and expand on that.

The music, the colors, it all seemed way too busy.

Mario had it right, you didn't see all kinds of shit all over the place, it well design levels. As if each level could be a stand alone art piece. Where sonic looks like too many ideas all stuffed into one, MORE MORE MORE, FASTER FASTER FASTER.

Think whom ever started this path for sonic, ruined the franchise. I mean look at the picture above from Sonic on the PS3. In this scene he is trying to get with the human girl....WTF?!?!..really?! took your Furry Fetish and put it into the game?! I don't understand the brains behind this at all...its just wrong.

I still hold a dear place in my heart for the blue guy, but I haven't enjoyed a game like the original since. The second one, proves how I feel. Its just not right.....its OK, but something is off.

But hey, I got it for free, so I'm not out money.


Big D said...

Fun fact: Steve Urkel did the voice of Sonic in all 3 of the creepy Sonic cartoons on tv!

Blake said...

I don't know what worse...the fact that Steve Urkel did the voice of Sonic, or the fact that I also knew that.