Thursday, May 26, 2011

Smoothing Out My Pixels

Umm. sure this is a neat premise, but I'm sorry. I will take my blocky 8/16 bit characters over smoothed out ones any day. I should clarify, these guys made a algorithm that smooths out 8/16 bit games. So you can play in all your smoothed out glory!! thanks...I stick with my blocky ones.


Jason Flowers said...

Sure "Our Result" looks better but you don't go messing around with nostalgia like that. What is wrong with people these days?

rowen26 said...

I disagree that it looks better.

The pixelated ones have a visual balance, where the smoothed out ones just look wonky and amateurish.

It's like using a watercoulur filter over a picture in photoshop. Bleh.

No thanks! I love pixels.

Blake said...

All Hail the Pixels!!

Karyn said...

Pixels for the win, definitely.

Blake said...

@karyn - try stitching that smoothed nonsense?!?No thank you good sir!