Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ray of Sunshine

I figured that in the past I would post if a negative experience was had online while playing some random multiplayer game. Far too often that type of behavior is what makes most people shy away from playing randomly online.

But I'm happy to say that last nights shoot fest in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 resulted in some friendly online play with strangers. Which is refreshing when most of the time its just horrible racist arseholes online.

Its was funny in a way, because its like gamers are starved for online gaming buddies(friendly ones). Cause after 10 min of play I get a friend request. Its like a bell rings off in people's heads," OMG!! someone who isn't insane and not acting like a crazy person, I must add them for future online play, lord knows the next time I'll find someone sane". Although I wouldn't classify my self as sane...but good enough I suppose.

But it was refreshing to join a game and play with someone who wasn't spouting filth every 5 sec. To think I didn't even had my headset on, I just heard voices coming from it while I was playing and thought,"Lets see what nonsense is being said online". To my surprise the guy was chatting away to me, (the game registers my mic if I don't have it turned off-so I guess he thought I could hear him).

So turned my mic on and had a grand ole time. Just wanted to spread a story that sometimes, not all online play with strangers ends up horrible.


Kelli said...

That's exactly why I don't play online. People act like they are the shit and no one is above them

Blake said...

yup,most of the time I avoid strangers online. I was happy that this one time, it was nice fellow.