Sunday, May 15, 2011

My 24th Platinum - Dante's Inferno

I wanted to platinum this game for awhile, but like most of us, a new game comes along and we put something aside with the intentions of coming back to it later. I had already finished the game, but I wanted to go through and do all the extras.

Well finally, with the psn being down, I took this time to go back and play some of my older titles. One being Dante's Inferno and platinuming it out over the weekend.

Overall, it wasn't too hard, even the challenge room was pretty easy if you have all your stuff upgrade.

The only thing I found the most irritating is the same with all platinuming games are the collectibles. Find all the items in a game can be a chore depending on whats involved. Luckily, the game is good enough to play through a second time and it all works out. Good fun, I had just as much fun playing Dante's and I did God of War 3.

With that I got my 24th platinum.


Nick Jewell said...

I didn't have much fun with Dante's Inferno, really. I mean, it was an interesting game and it was fun enough (not to mention the fact that I'm a hardcore Visceral Games fanboy), but I got to a point where I just didn't have any drive to continue with it. It's a shame, really, but maybe it just wasn't my sort of game.

Congrats on your platinum, though: that's truly impressive. I've only gotten one game platinum: Assassin's Creed 2. Talk about stupid collectible achievements: those feathers were a bitch to deal with. Especially considering my first game glitched and wouldn't give me the trophy for collecting them all, so I needed to play through the entire game again and collect them all once more. Lame.

Ah well. It was worth it.

Blake said...

I too was disappointed with Dante halfway into the game. I was looking forward to all the 7 Deadly Sins levels.

Thinking each one would be different and filled with all kinds of disturbing minions.

But after the 2-3 levels in, they recycled the same baddies and there really wasn't much difference between levels here and there.

That was my biggest disappointment in the game. But trucked on and finished it anyway, feeling let down by the design of the game.

The Girl Gamer said...

Congrats on your platinum! Dante's Inferno is another game that I need to start playing, but I end up playing other games first. I don't like collectibles either cause if you miss one collectible and if the game doesn't have chapter select, you have to play the game over again just to collect those collectibles again. It's a pain for sure.

- The Girl Gamer

Blake said...

Indeed, this game doesn't have chapter if you miss a collectable in the last have to play the whole game again to get that one item....a item walkthorugh is a must for this game.

Kelli said...

gosh you are really kicking my ass on trophies.... congrats tho :)

Blake said...

@Kelli - Still Borderlands to finish?! MArocrax or Marcrab..whatever its called. Got a world of pain coming to him!