Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KING of the Techno Idiots!!

Yup, give me the crown now, heck all other techie morons bow to me for I am the supreme ruler of everything stupid in tech land.

I AM a techno bumbling fool. Able to piece together tall buildings made out of lego, Faster than 1990's modem, LOOK, Up in the Sky.....cause that's the direction I throw things when they don't work.

For almost a year now, I have been trying to set up the easycap recording system using splitters, well first I thought I could do it with just the gear itself, but the quality was pretty shitty and I read that you can get better quality recording if you used splitters. So I wanted to do that, but most of the videos I find are some 13 year old kid setting it up, but leaving out details that I want to know.

Or am I just stupid...perhaps I am making it too complicated?. Alot of it has to do with me not having the parts. First I need the cables, 2 sets of component cables, which I got, then another several months ordering female to female Y-splitters.

Finally, last night, I said," I'm putting this shit together". Well the first thing I find are videos telling me how to set it up using female to male Y-splitters. What? Where were these videos 5 months ago?!?! I had to order parts from out of the country to set it up with the female to female splitters.

What ever, I'll set up it the original way I was where's my second set of component cables?...yup..misplaced where to be found. Apparently I thought hiding them in the dogs ass was a good idea cause I don't have a clue where they are.

So here I am again, don't have all the parts, missing a cable and I could go out to the local electronic store and buy the male to female Y splitters and do that. At this point I am ready to get a Polaroid camera and make videos by taking pictures of the screen every 20 secs. I'm absolutely fed up with trying to get something that appears so easy to do online.

But...sigh......I'm not done yet.....I guess I will go and get the male to female Y-splitters cause I have no idea where my other component cables are. Good lord I'll be happy when all this is set up.

All of this to record stupid things that happen in video games....I guess this includes stupidity with setting it up.


Nick Jewell said...

I've been wanting to get into the whole video capture scene as well, though I think I'm going to limit myself to capturing PC games. It's just so much easier to do than console games: you just have to buy a piece of software (namely FRAPS) and you're done. So long as your computer can handle both a game and the software at the same time.

What sort of stuff were you wanting to start recording, out of curiosity?

Blake said...

Help videos with detailed explanations as oppose to alot of the broad help you get online.

That and narrate alot of nonsense, bugs, making fun of Ian(rowan) from pacroid. He's a treasure trove of entertainment when he plays games.

Basically, just hit record when I play and let it go...if it record something great, if not, just erase the data and try again tomorrow.

rowen26 said...