Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 5 PSN Downloads

I'm sorry Sony, I have been a loyal costumer since the PS1, but this latest fuck up, and it is possible the biggest fuck up in gaming history just doesn't sit well with me. No doubt I will be removing all available info online, if I must put something in, then it will all be made up, or is that in some violation of some agreement?!...well you can't prove to me that you can keep it safe either!?.

With that, I will be using the prepaid game cards from here on. This has shaken my confidence in Sony alot, and I will distrusting them at every turn when it comes to my personal info. You F'd up big time Sony, especially if this rumor that our personal info wasn't hashed...really?!


Kelli said...

lol at number one and two. yea I agree as soon as the server comes back up I'm taking my info off and buying the prepaid cards, I have alot of other things to worry about at the moment please don't let this be one of them.

Blake said...

yeah, from what I hear, I think..I may be wrong...but I think our credit cards are safe. God I hope I'm right.