Monday, April 18, 2011

Saints Row 2 - PS3

If I had to describe Saints Row 2 it would be," The Fun Version of GTA 4 but without the Shine".

If you are a fan of the GTA series, then you will probable enjoy Saints Row 2. The best part about the game are the variety of side missions coupled with fun factor, makes them far superior to GTA 4's selection of side missions. They aren't just the standard collect drugs, races, etc. They range from collecting insurance fraud by doing damage to yourself to a decent destruction derby tournament where you can upgrade your cars with each round. The side missions in my opinion are the shining star of SR2.

The overall gist of the game is the worst of the worst gang members, that includes all the hardcore rap, which ended with me turning off the radio with every car I jumped into. But like GTA, they had different radio stations, but the variety just wasn't there. Didn't like the music in this game.

The Hero ....or Villain is more like it, that you play is a down right asshole. There is nothing redeeming about his or her(depending on who you create to be your character at the start) character, Half way through the game I felt sorry for all the people that this guy was doing stuff too. Heck, even I wanted him dead. He's a inconsiderate murdering bastard.

Even the GTA guys weren't that bad. But the main character in this a douche, areshole, maniac. The guy that starts a fight for no reason and then gets upset when people retaliate( what did you think was going to happen when you poured acid on his face?) and makes him come out with a sense of entitlement that can only be matched by every bully in every movie ever made.

What makes GTA a better game overall, are the controls and feel of the game. The polish of GTA4 far out does that of SR2. Heck I could be driving a tank and a little car can drive underneath me and pick me and launch me in the air 50 feet. I did hear that this is what the developers were going for, more unrealistic driving and such. But it really works against the player, with countless times getting lifted from the road by much smaller cars. Getting stuck on sidewalks, Hell I once smashed into a invisible wall in the middle of the stopped dead.

That and even having people getting stuck inside walls, the road, stuck in vehicles and I don't mean, they are sitting in a car and can't get out. I mean they are standing up in the car as if the car melded around their person. Alot of stuff like this happening throughout the game.

Does it make it unplayable? no..but it sure does make it stand apart from GTA4 in regards to its controls and feel.

Overall, it was a fun game, took me about 27 hrs to finish it, doing some side missions and then the main missions. oh yeah, one last thing...The graphics are high end PS2 quality at best. Its not the best looking game, but luckily its entertaining enough that this didn't really bother me, but I thought was not worthy all the same.

If you enjoyed GTA4 and want to try out a cheap fun game, than Saints Row 2 is for you, other wise leave it in the Bin.

Like this trailers say, the best thing in Saints Row 2 are the side missions, GREAT FUN!!


Nick Jewell said...

I heard that the graphics on the PC version were pretty brutal, and that Volition didn't do a very good job of porting it over. Disappointing, but I'm glad it stands up on the PS3.

Nice review. Cheers!

Blake said...

Its defiantly a fun play, worth the $20 I paid for it for sure.

Daisy said...

So much customization features in this game that GTA4 lack. Like customizing cars! Plus I can play as a female character even! Love this game, bought it for $20 too, well worth the price.

Blake said...

yes the customization is massive....mind boggeling. The fact that they recorded the whole game in 6 different voices when creating your character is amazing.