Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playstation Network is Down and Out

So we've been waiting 6 days for news on this, with Sony not really telling us anything. Well latest article, which I'm sure will be popping up everywhere in the next little while. But the PSN was indeed down due to hackers which made Sony go back to square one and rebuild their system.

What does this mean for us? It means there is no PSN, no store, no online play, on DLC. If you play free realms or DCU, it means none of that. For how long? Indefinitely, so sit back and get used to playing games offline for quite sometime.

Rebuilding the system from the ground up, I assume they will be keeping all our info? or maybe not? Does this mean we lose our accounts, our trophies? All of that seems way too far to answer right now.

I don't blame Sony, and I hope they catch the person/'s involved and if they think they went easy on GeoHot, then by all living hell, I hope they bring the hammer down hard on these dingbats.

So sitback, and if you need some online, jump on your PC, xbox Gold members, and your Wii friends. Its gonna be a long ride.