Friday, April 29, 2011

My PS3 Controllers Suck

I have 3 PS3 controllers, one that came with my 60 Gig launch system, another one I purchased 6 months after getting my PS3 and my rumble controller I purchased about a year ago. So 3 in all( for those of you out there that can't count.)

The rumble controller works great..the other two, maaaaan, do they ever suck major donkey balls. Both of them have the same problem, the left analog stick, sticks. So it really makes for annoying play when you leave your controller alone, but your character on screen is slowly moving left or right, or up, really doesn't matter which direction he is moving. Point being, the analog gets stuck ever so slightly, but enough that it really throws off gameplay.

So any friends that come over that use these controllers really does take away from the experience of what they are playing since, finite movements are out of the question. I would get a new rumble controller, but damn... those things are $60 and I alot $60 for game expenditures a month. So I either get a new controller to replace one of the two I have or hold on to my money for Duke Nukem?

Anyway, I have 2 controllers that suck the big one. Is this a design flaw? I'm not a guy who is hard on his controllers either, I don't smack them around or throw them. The only use they get are from actual gaming, nothing abusive. So I guess they are just poor workmanship?

I guess they will have to do for the time being.


Kelli said...

two of my controllers "x" button stick and that sucks if its an action button.

Blake said...

Luckily I still have one good one, but for friends using my other 2 are pretty crappy.

rowen26 said...

Well, I usually bring my own controller over if I know we'll be playing. ;)

Blake said...

Soon sir, I will have another....but not until I win some sort of, I mean lottery.

rowen26 said...

I'm not hard on my controllers either, but I'm starting to feel a stiffness on one of my controler's left stick.

I guess they do wear down eventually.