Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My 23rd Platinum - Dead Nation

I think Dead Nation is the first DLC game to include a platinum?!..not 100% sure here, but I do believe so.

Got this with my good buddy Jay(Beatfreaker) from over at Portable Soldier. So this one can fall under," First platinum obtained by playing totally in online co-op". Well that's not entirely true, I had the game before Jay did, so I played through the game on single player. But I don't think that one counts, seeing as I had to play through the game a total of 5 times to get all the trophies.

Was that boring, playing the game 5 times? the trophies that had you beat the game on its most difficult settings was the most fun this game had to offer.

Beating the game on Morbid was a tight well thought out really it was. We run into a area, get surrounded and die. So next round, we plan out where we were going to drop mines, which direction to cover fire from, what weapon to use, what weapon to switch too once the bigger zombies appeared, where was the fallback point, etc. It was a BLAST!!I even said to Jay at one point after we died," Stick to the plan, stick to the plan". After a large overwhelming number of zombies tried to run us over and we broke from the plan and we both died.

How hard is Morbid mode...well to give a example. We started the very first level on a rooftop(game begins) we shoot a barrel that explodes and a bridge falls so we can cross to the next rooftop. But that also lets across zombies....zombies that ran across the bridge and next thing I hear is Jay," I'm Dead". We weren't into the game not even a min at this point. Its hard, I won't lie..but its also great fun.

The most boring part of getting this plat was collecting loot. My least favorite part of any platinuming games, finding all that damn loot or items. Its so boring and tedious, I hate it. I much rather the challenge of completing a difficult task than running around and finding loot.

But with that, comes my 23rd Plat. It took about 29 hrs to do all that, so it is a lengthy run through, but fun aswell. Only the loot trophies are boring as hell. The rest is well planned killing sprees.I know I said Heavy Rain was my next one, but I got stuck and kinda bored with the game after a certain point. Perhaps I'll pick it up again later, and give it a go again.


Kelli said...

congrats on your trophy

Blake said...

hah, depending on what happens with the network going down, it may be my