Friday, April 15, 2011

L.A. Noire - A disclaimer & a quite lengthy rant.

Okay, let's get the disclaimer out of the way first: I am very much looking forward to L.A. Noire. I will buy this game on the day it comes out and I will certainly love it. The face filming technology is amazing and an impressive accomplishment. I'm looking forward to the experience. I am not bashing the game or Rockstar. I love them! It looks like a phenomenal achievement. And I also understand that what we've been seeing may be work-in-progress stuff and stills often look bad, but movement sometimes makes a big difference.

Good. Now that this is clear, on to the quite lengthy rant. I have nitpicks on what's been shown so far (because I'm crazy about details) and this game's goal is going for extreme realism is characters and setting. I hold it to a higher standard and so have seen some few details that make me itch. These aren't stylized cartoons, they're "accurate" recreations.

They're going for detail and realism. Of course I don't expect the insane accuracy of Mad Men in recreating the period, but this is a digital medium, where you control how everything looks. So I CANNOT accept how the hats look. Just look at these two examples taken from game videos.

These hats are farking HUGE! The float on the character's head like they're two sizes too large! This is what I can't help seeing all the way though:

A kid playing at wearing his daddy's clothes. It's like watching a movie with bad ill-fitting costumes.
I went ahead and quickly fixed the hats. Looks so much better.

Another thing that bugs me about the hats, it that you would think that things with such wide brims would cast shadows underneath them. Everything else does! I can understand why, because they didn't want to "obscure" the actors pretty emotions. But it doesn't have to go all the way down the nose!

No definition shadows. Just a pristine face-mask.

A simple shadowed indication would not break the illusion. And that pristine face makes the meshing between model and face seem very disconnected to me. It  makes me feel like I'm looking at Autons, from Doctor Who.
Autons, living plastic monsters who disguise themselves as mannequins. And kill you.

Another annoying detail: stupid ties. And this happens ALL OVER, not just in this game. Many of them in the game's images are correct (which makes me happy), yet one or two slips in there that's wrong. If you've been doing some right, how come you don't notice the wrong ones?? Here is what I mean:

WRONG! and physically impossible

Right! :)

Again, going on realism and accuracy (and simple physics) any pattern on a tie will be rotated 90 degrees on the knot. Simple observation. Not a hard equation to remember. It's not nuclear science here. And it's not like it happened by mistake. Someone put that texture in, and put it wrong.

So, that's pretty much it. Again, I am looking forward to the game and it looks awesome. Just having taken care of these details would have made it look perfect.


Nick Jewell said...

Honestly, if that's the most that we have to complain about L.A. Noire, I think we're sitting pretty.

I mean, most other games on the market almot always have legitimate gameplay concerns that aren't addressed; if all we have to worry about are hats being a little too big and the pattern on ties not looking quite right, I'm pretty damn pleased.

I've already got the sucker preordered, because I couldn't wait until May for Rockstar to steal my money. It's going to be amazing.

Blake said...

I won't be picking up this title...instead I will play through Ian(Rowan)...may I experience all its glory via him. I'll just sit over here and eat nacho's.

Nick Jewell said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I registered Loading Checkpoint last year but have only started posting articles last week.

To answer your question from before, I plan on putting up at least an entry a day (with possible exceptions on the weekend), though so far each article has been a solid read of relatively long proportion. If you think that's a solid enough schedule, I'd appreciate you posting my blog! Thanks for the offer!

I'm definitely enjoying the stuff here at Pacroid; I'm going to be checking it regularly, for sure. Thanks again for the comment!

Blake said...

Cool, Mr Jewell, I'll post you asap, which means in the next 2-4 days.heheh.

Have fun and enjoy yourself here.

The Girl Gamer said...

I so want this game. The game capture my attention the first time I saw the game trailer. Amazing you paid attention to the small details. I wouldn't even notice about the hats being huge unless it's really noticeable lol.

- The Girl Gamer

Kelli said...

Can't wait for this game. I hope it has alot of mafia action.