Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Do Sonya Blade's Babality

I guess I should have put spoiler alert infront of that title? so yeah...the new MK has Babalities. I must say they are pretty awesome. But unlike Fatalities that are listed in your move list or found in the krypt. Babalities are meant to be found out by hardcore fans. Not lazy ones like me.

The other night I was going through all the characters babalities just to see them all in action, cause they are quite funny. I was using a list that I found randomly online, and when I got to Sonya Blade's....didn't work. Did it again and again and nothing...since the rest of them worked perfectly first time round, I figured that this guy must have gotten the input wrong.

So off I went looking for alternate sources, what I found is that all the sites that had the list, must have all copied and pasted from this one site to their own sites, cause they all had it wrong. All the wrong ones were Down, Down, Forward and circle....this is wrong, but every site as it listed as that. One guy even had Back,Forward,Down,Back and circle which is stupid wrong.

After much searching, looking in obscure places, I found the correct inputs for Sonya's Babalities.
It is Down, Down, Forward and X. I don't know about you , but if I am going to post something, I am going to make sure that I tried it and it works rather than sticky note it up. Its annoying as hell and makes for a difficult search when they all copy paste, and its all wrong.

So for anyone else who had the same problem as me, hopefully, this will help.


Kelli said...

wait.... this is in the game?????

Blake said...

babalities are..the breast feeding MK characters, I don't know where they came from, I just found them online. But I have yet to unlock everything in the game too, so it may be in there, i'll keep ya posted.