Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hackers Apologize

Thanks to Beatfreaker over at Portable Soldier for this info.


"We realize that targeting the PSN is not a good idea. We have therefore temporarily suspended our action, until a method is found that will not severely impact Sony customers."

"Anonymous is on your side, standing up for your rights. We are not aiming to attack customers of Sony. This attack is aimed solely at Sony, and we will try our best to not affect the gamers, as this would defeat the purpose of our actions. If we did inconvenience users, please know that this was not our goal."

Well thank you for saving us from are so gracious to TEMPORARILY suspend your actions that impact Sony costumers. You are truly knights among kings....please continue to fight the good fight. Cause in the end, its the ability to use Homebrew and Linux on my PS3 that I have been aching for.

If after you are done, could you please start hacking my NES so it can run JAVA, this is truly something that I wanted forever....if anyone can do this, then it is you good gentlemen.

Godspeed my Hacking Heroes!!!