Monday, April 4, 2011

And Japan Takes the Lead

After each round on Dead Nation, your scores are tallied to the total world and country scores.
Its pretty neat to see which country has the lead when it comes to zombie kills. But lately I don't think its actually the number of zombies killed that are counted, but instead a total score?

I don't really know, since some countries have millions more zombies killed than another, but fall further down in the rank. Currently Canada, just over took South Korea for 8th place out of the 50 total charts. Heck, country "Unknown" is at 17th spot.

But I find the most funny is Japan's standings. When you are on the screen, you can actually see the numbers increase as people are playing the game. So its almost like a live feed.

What you see with Japan and all the countries, the number moves from very slow to super speed( more people playing in that country) But for Japan, certain times of the day, the number does not all, nothing!

I assume this is from the power saving thing they have set in place since the earthquake and tsunami. So one would think that they would fall in the standings, seeing when I first started playing the game, Japan was in 2nd. But in a few short game plays, Japan has over taken the United States for the first place standings AND this is from a country who can only play at certain times in the day. This is crazy numbers.

That boggles the mind, I guess the Japanese love them some zombie killing. Well Good job Japan for taking the number 1 world standings in Dead Nation even with your limited power consumption.


Kelli said...

that's how they take out all their stress :)

rinns said...

Everyone loves killing zombies :D