Thursday, March 24, 2011

WaterFlames Catchy Melodies

I posted HERE about that catchy little tune that I recently heard in the castle crashers game and went on a mad rush to find more about this little diddy. In my search I actually found the guy who does these songs. A guy(I won't use his real name - lets just stick with waterflame) who is from Norway and makes game music for a living.

Normally, I don't really pay much attention to the music of games, I think I can probable count on my hands how many tunes I can recall from ingames. Sure there's some great composed stuff out there, but most of it all falls in generic (for me-but I'm not a musical connoisseur either). But for me, this music reminds me if I played the original Super Mario Game while on a sugar high, candy canes sticking outta ma ears and snorting sugar bits. It takes whats already great and pumps it up a few levels.

Going through his list of songs that waterflame composed, there are quite a few of songs that I really take a liking too. So much so that myself and rowan(Ian) spend most of our day listening to these songs while we work on loops. So I recommend to go to his Newground site and click through the list of songs and find something that you like. Also his You Tube page as an alternative place to find some catchy tunes.

Here are some of my favorite ones that I can't get outta my head, especially like the old school 8-bit music tunes. Great Job WaterFlame, all the best with your career in video game music.


Kelli said...

These would make great Dance Dance Revolution songs,lol.

Blake said...

Yeah, now that I think of it,they do sound like something that should be on those games.