Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toasty Shack - Get On Over HERE!

Much like the Kentucky Fried Tekkan poster, I like when they combine food with video games...which reminds me. Some studio is remaking Burger Time....Mmmmmm, burgers!


Kelli said...

The best burger I ever had was a quarter pound burger with onions, bbq sauce, cheese(of course) and an onion ring.... yes an onion ring.... with a side of onion rings too.oh oh and a nice ice cold coca cola.

Blake said...

They are having a judge the best burger here on the island this week. Go try all these different types of burgers and then vote for your favorite one.

Kelli said...

that sounds cool, I know for sure there can't be a burger that can beat my favorite :)

Blake said...

I have to agree, I think its something instilled to all of us that grew up with the local food.

For myself, it was this little drive in that made the best chicken in the world, I have yet to taste anything that even comes close to its all inspiring goodness.

Sadly the woman retired, and it was taken over by some other lady who doesn't quite cook it the same. Its a part of my childhood that only exist in my memories.

But you go and try a food that the locals say "THIS" is the best "Food". I try it and I have to think to myself, what are these people on, this taste awful. BUT, its just what we are used to, what we grew up with.

Unless, you just discovered this burger a few months ago, then ignore all I said.:)