Thursday, March 24, 2011

Super Genintari

There are days where I struggle with stuff to post, then there are days where I have to much to post. This is one of those days where I keep finding this that I think is interesting. This one is a modded or created from scratch and Super Genintari machine.

Some guy combined the Atari 2600, Super Nintendo, the original NES and a Genesis into one machine. This is damn cool, taking all the things I loved as a kid and putting them together. Now don't think this works for everything in life. Putting chocolate peanut butter reese's cups in with lobster and olives don't go well together.

The video shows the guy talking about the system, even though its a little weird, its still a damn cool piece of hardware.


YAGRS said...

Very cool. I was contemplating doing something like this on a smaller scale for the child of a friend. He is a Mario nut, so I was going to make a system that is a playset with Mario characters and has an SNES and NES built into it. I think I'm only going to do the SNES now, though, to cut down on size (and to make it easier, of course).

Blake said...

oh my, can I request a genesis stuff into a atari 2600?!?....I"m kidding or but seriously, stuffed. Like a Turducken except a GenTucken.