Monday, March 14, 2011

Parental Control on the PS3

Last night I downloaded JackAss 3D and when it was finished downloading, there was a lock on it. So when I clicked play it asked me for my4 digit parental password.????..What password??!..I don't remember putting in a password?!?

Infact, when did I set the parental control anyway?.....So after some attempts and failures of trying to guess what I did put in(although I don't remember setting one up in the first place)..I got frustrated and went online to look.

If you have never set your parental password, then the default is 0,0,0,0( those are zero's not O's)
After you put that in, you can change your password to what ever you want. After I put in the new password I just turned off parental control all together, since my system is not a communal system anyway.

Just a little note for others incase it ever happens to you and you ask yourself the same questions as I did.


rowen26 said...

Yeah, I've had that happen too. Don't remember for what though, since I never downloaded any movie.

And Jackass? Really?
You should be ashamed.

Karyn said...

I remember this happening on my PS2. Good times.