Thursday, March 10, 2011

Megaman Fan Art

I always enjoy people's take on an existing idea. Except! Michael Bay's take on the Transformers, he can crawl up my ass with his seaweed bots.


Kelli said...

I was a mega-man geek back in the day. My son is 4 and he is very interested in games (just like his mama *tear*) so the megaman collection game is what I'm starting him off with. You know you gotta take 'em back to what you use to play at their age.

Blake said...

I couldn't agree more, my son plays pacman, digger, all the classics.

But I do the same thing with cartoons aswell. Growing up he watched, Thundercats, He-man and Transformers. I am currently trying to get the Full Boxset of the Real ghostbusters aswell

Kelli said...

I never actually watched thundercats and He-man before (my hubby is ashamed), I should see if they have it on Netflix or try to purchase the set... back in the day the one cartoon I could not miss was Sailor Moon.. at 2:30 it was on,lol.