Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Killzone 3 - Online

I've yet to finish the game on elite, but I am rank 16 in multiplayer.My over my first impressions?...well my first thought was...." This game, along with others like it; proves that Call of Duty-Black Ops is broken on the PS3." Within 5 matches of Killzone I came in as the number one player with a kill streak of 7, so why is it my kills in Call of Duty is 16 deaths and 5 kills, and I might get a kill streak of 3..might!! I think its all the getting shot in the knee cap scenario is just has deadly has headshots. Not so in Killzone 3.

If I run into a room and get into a firing match, hitting the guy in the legs while another guy pelts you in your torso, then the guy who's hitting you in the torso is more than likely to win. Accuracy as oppose to just randomly spraying a room means the difference of a skilled player and dumb luck.

So with my Black Ops rant out of the way. This is a stellar online experience in its own right. But there are things that seem different, I thought that if you were in a squad together, you could spawn on your squad mates?? perhaps I am getting it confused. But as of right now, I don't know the up side of having a squad besides seeing them as blue dots on the map.

The other thing is muting players. Me, Beatfreaker and my cousin, were in a squad and between each round all we would be doing is muting people. Not just our team, but the opposite team aswell. I mean I wouldn't mute them if they were playing sensible, but instead you get guys burping, singing, racial trash talking, etc. I think there was one guy we didn't mute and he was a decent person to play with. But that was one guy out of 20, those numbers are horrible.

But besides muting annoying people, playing as different classes and ranking up is as fun as ever.They added another class to the mix and switched up how the abilities work which all adds for a complex and in depth system.

But again, online. It seems that most people aren't playing their classes. Medics aren't reviving, engineers aren't setting up turrets, rebuilding ammo crates , etc. It still seems to be the mentality of most kills, who cares about everyone else. BUT..BUT..if you get a good group of guys, then its much more enjoyable.

So far, I have maxed out my medic and am working on my engineer, I tend to play support type characters as oppose to offensive guys. Running and gunning isn't my thing, but I don't sit back and camp either. I'm usually running around and doing my thing.

So yeah, with my first 5 days with Killzone 3, online is great fun and will probable keep me busy for quite some time. So if you own Killzone 3, hit me on the PSN and well cause havoc together.


Kelli said...

killzone 3 online seems more war-like than call of duty. I feel like the surroundings and the sounds are more "real".

congrats on your rank, I know there are like millions of people playing so being that high is a great achievement.

Daisy said...

I was VERY close to buying this game today while I was at the shops. But then I remembered I had University text books to buy. Soon enough I shall have Killzone 3. This online review sounds great. Can't wait!

Blake said...

Do you know what would make this game greater(greater is a word right?!)....fudge?!

Anonymous said...

PSNID: artelios

I just wrote my review on KZ3 too. Check out what I had to say. It's similar to yours actually.

Killzone 2 had more of a clan oriented focus with people getting more points for focusing on objectives. In KZ3 it just tells you how many points you eared, rather than how many objectives you helped your team earn leading this game to the famous COD Lone-Wolf-Syndrome. However, with the right squad, it's a ton of fun. I agree. If only the COD fanbase/mentality would go back to their Activision game..

Blake said...

Sure, I head on over and give it a read, always happy to expand on gamers blogs.