Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gipped Out of the Helghast Edition

Beatfreaker bought the pricier Helghast edition which came with alot of goodies, enough goodies to justify the price.

One of those goodies was the double XP and and access to all weapons and skills for the first 24 hours of multiplayer. From what we understood, the 24 hrs meant it was the first 24hrs you spent playing online. Go online, play for 2 hrs online and you are still have 22 hrs of bonus content available to you, was the understanding.

Like most gamers, he doesn't jump right into multiplayer, like myself, he played the single player campaign for the experience and familiarize himself with the controls.

What happened next was when he did start up Multiplayer there was no double XP and no access to all weapons and skills. What he did was call up Guerrilla Games Support. I don't know if these people are told to not be helpful or what, but they certainly must have morons written on their foreheads.

What they told him was that the bonus XP and access to weapons was only for 24 hrs only upon activating his code. But no where in the manuals or pamphlets that came with the Helghast edition did it say that "ONCE YOU ACTIVATE THIS CODE, YOU ONLY HAVE 24 HRS OF ACTUAL TIME. - So if you activate it 2 pm on Saturday, it will expire on Sunday 2 pm.
So what happened was he activated the code and then went and played the single player game. What happened is he lost his bonus.

Since it wasn't mentioned with the Helghast edition, are the consumer responsible for going elsewhere to look for the details regarding these bonus?!? If so, that that's pretty crappy on Guerrilla Games part.

But what happened was ,they didn't offer him anything but instead refused to deal with the problem and told him to call Sony Support. SONY Support?!?! what the hell are they going to do to help?!? They aren't the ones offering the free code you morons!! Good Lord, what's wrong with people?!?! Its like common sense only falls in certain parts of the world while everyone else gets stupid.

This is a pretty shitty deal and I would feel super pissed if I payed all that money for something and I should be able to access everything I payed for. Shame on you Guerrilla Games.


Anonymous said...

In response to your Pixel Culture blog related comment, the page is mostly just reserved as a link for now. However, artelios.blogspot will remain as is and should be the one you link to Pacroid if you choose to do so. Thank you very much for your support.

As for this 24 hour goodness, it makes sense in the long run as certain players would have a huge advantage over players without the code, but as for the clarity of what the code actually does; that blows. I sympathize. :(

Blake said...

For sure, I mean myself I have yet to put in 20 hrs online.

Jay MacEachern said...

I agree with the advantage it would give to certain users. However if I would have known of it being a countdown from download I would have used it wisely or waited to after the campaign. The voucher contained no such information and both perks are even labeled as "first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay".

Was choked and left a bad taste in my mouth over the whole situation.