Friday, March 18, 2011

Don Bluth Returns To Gaming with Tapper

We all remember Dragon's Lair and SpaceAce for the Arcades, if you were born in the late 70's early 80's that is. But for its time, most games were still blocks for legs and then we had something that was smooth fluid animation, it made our little 80's brain explode.

For me it goes down as one of the hardest arcade games I've ever played, infact I remember not knowing what I was suppose to do during the sequences, not only did it look different, it played different than all the games we knew to that point.

These 2 games were of course animated by Don Bluth and his talented team who animated great movies in the time. After those adventures in video game land ,Mr Bluth went back to TV and movies. But now, out of all the things that he could return to do, he jumping back into video games with Tapper or Rootbeer tapper if you like.

Its only going to be for handheld devices, such as iphone, etc. Its going to have all completely redone graphics in the style of Mr Bluth. I can imagine that the animation is going to be top notch and its going to be 100 hundred levels of the same gameply we loved back in the day.

This is great, I would love to play this game just to see his animation in action again, but I don't play on iphones and such, so unless they release this on the PSN or steam, I will probable never get to play this game sadly.

But it is a great return for the all time legend of an animator, I hope he plans on doing more projects like these, cause we all benefit. More so if you are an animation fan. Also I think if they were done a larger scale, I'd imagine the animation would be more spectacular, given a larger budget.