Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stand Up For Canada

This is something that I think all Canadians gamers should be aware of. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is an independent agency who wants to start charging Canadians per byte.

How does this affect gamers in Canada?

1) Online Shooters, Call of Duty, Battlefield, MOH and any other game that we currently play on PS3, 360, Wii, and the PC will now all be charged for. With a 25 Gig cap for example, 3 hrs of online gameplay equals to 3 Gigs. I'm pretty sure the average online gamer uses more than that a week.

2) MMO's will be shoot in the head-DEAD. This is a large industry and again, paying per byte is just going to limit the amount of time one can spend online playing their favorite MMO

3) Steam accounts, transferring and downloading files and playing online with your PC, AGAIN...this is going to be charged. Its all the same regardless of what you are doing. If its online, then is going to impact it.

4)DLC - Not only playing online, but downloading new games, new content, expansions, add-ons will all use up some of the precious Gigs we have. So we now have less to use online because we used some of it to download a game or two.

5) Netflix and Hulu on Consoles. These things will eat up your bandwidth in no time. Forget about online gaming. Watching a modest amount of these online will eat up your max amount in no time.

Basically anything that sends info out, will use up your cap. This is not even considering the amount of time someone downloads songs, watch You tube videos or uses Skype. All of these will cost money to use per byte with the new CRTC. This is a step backward for technology growth in Canada. And I'm sick of the argument from people, well they do it my part of the country.

Well guess what smart ass, they also behead people, stone people, woman aren't allowed to vote, kill people with different beliefs in other parts of the world. Does that mean its OK, when it happens in my part of the world? Its one of the oldest immature arguments ever, "Why did you jump off the cliff? - Because everybody else was doing it!"

Not to mention, this would put me outta the job, seeing as we rely on large amounts of data to stream back and fourth. But this is a gaming blog and I'm here to just bring this to the attention of gamers. This just doesn't affect Jane and John down the street who wants to see the latest funny video on You Tube.

I call on all Canadians to go here and sign the petition to the Canadian Government. Its simple and easy. Please do your part.


DJPimpDaddy said...

That sucks man. I guess I take for granted the ability to run a server out of my home. I sit here and think about how connected I am, not even counting my wife. I would be so bored! I would get like 1 good week of gaming and internet and then sit in the dark the remaining month.

I think I watch almost 6-8 hours of Netflix a week these days. And I have finally gotten to that stage where I prefer to watch stuff streamed online than live on TV. Stomaching a 1 minute forced advert at the beginning of something vs 12-20 minutes of interlaced commercials is so much better. But then taking that ability away? Jeesh I can't fathom that.

Hopefully the voters will speak up there! Worst case you can move your blog to "the states" lol.

Blake said...

There voting today on it. Will have to wait and see how it all turns out. There are some big multimillion dollar companies throwing money around. And when money meets government, then who knows what can happen.