Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 20th Platinum - Infamous

This has to be my most unsatisfying platinum to date. I've gotten platinum's where there were maybe one trophy that was boring and tedious to get, others that were friggin insane hard and then some that were pretty fun.

This one falls under boredom. The last 2 trophies were beat the game as a Good guy and finish it on Hard. Well hard mode is not much different than normal mode, except more enemies and they throw more grenades, at which point shock wave becomes your friend.

SPOILER: There is not much difference between playing as good and playing as bad. The city responds to you differently, the LOVE you or they HATE you. Here is an example of how the differences stack up and they are all like that. Just minor changes to show that you are indeed a good or bad fellow, but doesn't matter.

End Spoiler

They call this game a sandbox, I disagree. Its a open world with missions, but when left to your own devices, there's nothing for you to do. The fluidity of him running over roof tops isn't precises as assassins creed and at times its just frustrating to have him cling to a pole when you ran by it too close. Bah!!

Anyway, that's number 20, good riddance. I don't think I will ever put this game back into my system again. This is one of those games that everybody raved about and I end up just going,"eh, its ok"


DJPimpDaddy said...

20 platinums. Niiiiiiiice.

At least it didn't require you to dedicate a full time job of playing multiplayer online to get so I'd put that as a plus.

I still don't think I would enjoy this game.

Blake said...

Playing it once was "like I said", eh ok.

Playing it twice was just a bore. The difference in the story was different enough to make it feel like a new experience and just came off as dull.