Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - PS3 - First Impressions

Picked this one up yesterday and spent a couple of hrs playing trials, beating the game once and playing online for little over a half an hour.

The game itself looks and plays great. All the different costumes are more than just color swaps and some look better than the original they start with. The moves are over the top and fun to pull off.

One can have tons of fun playing, since most of the moves are all the same to pull off. But knowing what move does what is what creates the learning curve.

My 2 favorite things to do in a fighting game is playing through the story mode for each character and the challenge rooms. Now I don't know if games are changing with time or if I am getting too old to move my fingers, or its being more accommodating to the hardcore gamers and leaving us casual fighters out in the cold. But the last 3 fighting games I played, Mortal Kombat vs DC, Super Street Fighter 4 and this one, all of their challenges are crazy hard to pull off. For example, I could do all the combo challenges for all my PS2 fighting games.

But these, their just insane. I can manage to do the first few, but then they get into 10-15 button sequences. What's worse when they are displaying them on the screen, I can only see the name of what I am suppose to do. So I have to leave that menu, go to another menu, look at the buttons, memorize them and then go back and try to do them. So you get stuff like," Neck Slice - Super Beating - Flash Kick - Low kick( I can assume that one is low kick) - medium punch- Super ultra Max out- Fire wave"......??????

I have no idea what those moves are??..its annoying to have to leave the menu all the time and go look all that up and then try and remember it all. Its not very player friendly, this is delving into hardcore player realm.

Next online....good lord online.....What can I say besides its just as annoying as ever. Imagine if you were playing any of your favourite game genre online, racing, FPS, side scroller. And you end up getting paired against some of the best players online. What happens??? guessed it, you get your ass handed to you on a regular basis.

The other thing was, I enjoy trying different characters.....but guess who were my opponents for the majority of these games? That's right, Ryu, Akuma and Wolverine. I literally had one guy just spam me with was super annoying and NOT FUN!

There came a point at one match that I just gave up and put down the controller. But the way that the other guy was bouncing me around the stage you swear to god my character was moving all on his own, when in fact he was just getting beat nonstop with combo after combo. I don't think the guy even knew that the character wasn't moving.

The other thing is lobby rooms where you can join up to a 8 game lobby. I thought, that's cool. I'll sit back and watch some people and learn some stuff while I wait for my ass kicking. This has to be the saddest thing in this game. We don't get to see the fighting, instead we see our characters cards that we create online, banging into our opponents character card.

Its the saddest thing I have ever seen in any video game. They couldn't let us watch the match?? Instead we see two cards knocking boots, while 6 other people just sit there with their thumbs up their asses. I mean even in the arcades way back when, you waited for you turn, but you watch the other guys play while you waited. We didn't go sit in some room and stare at wall until we heard our names being called to let us know its our turn. This is down right moronic in my opinion, boring and stupid as all hell.

But I must say, that everyone who knocked the shit outta me, were friendly sportsman like people. It was after my 15 lost in a row, and my 3rd lost to this one particular guy that I quit. He then sent me a message saying, "chickened out!". I kindly responded,"lol, sorry, only so much of a ass whooping I can take before my whole spirit is destroyed and I never want to play this game again....good game"

Over all, I feel that this game caters towards the more hardcore gamers than the laid back gamers. There is a "simple mode"..but I'm not an idiot, I can do combo's and pull off all the moves just fine. But when it gets crazy and I really want to delve into more, it goes from friendly, too you are in the army now act like it!!

Still lots to do, so I get back with it soon.

Here's a video 1 method to beating Galactus,or just do it yourselves your lazy bums.


Big D said...

I pretty much agree. Overall it seems like they took away a lot of the fun and craziness of MVC 2 in the translation to 3D.

I also found the menus, options and story mode to be very basic, even compared to Street Fighter 4. The game controls really well, and is probably more balanced, but it just feels like a 'For hardcore guys' kind of fighter.

Blake said...

Indeed,sure it at a glance its seems like it has a simple mode. But I think they went too far and created simple mode for kids.

So you have button mashing madness for kids and hardcore insane combo mode and everyone else in the middle gets left behind.

BankerWil said...

Wow...feel kind of ripped off. Beat it the 1st time in like 12 minutes. No real extra modes to keep me entertained. I will be trading this in ASAP for maybe Yakuza 4/homefront/socom4

Looks pretty tho!

Blake said...

yeah, I wasn't blown away by it either, but I like it enough to keep it for shits and giggles!!