Monday, January 17, 2011

Transformers: War for Cybertron - PS3

I'm a big transformers fan, and an avid collector of the toys. While the past year 2 years I haven't collected much in regards of the franchise mainly due to everything being based on the crappy ass Michael Bay designs. Where all the transformers look like a mish mash of pointy seaweed. But a few months ago, War for Cybertron was released.

A totally new look and feel for the transformer franchise, which they do alot with these things.
I held off getting it, trying to look for a second hand version cause I didn't want to give my money to Activision. But also not getting ripped off by EB who sells the second hand game for the same price as a new copy, what the hell is wrong with these people?

In the end, my wife got it for me for Christmas and the one thing I regret is that I should have gotten this game when it first came out.

You can play both the Decepticon and Autobot campaign which both tie into a single story line. There are 4 classes of Transformers to choose from. Each with its own set of abilities. The scouts, scientist, leaders and the brawlers. Then each of those have several transformers to select from. So for example, the Decepticon seekers you can choose from Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Starscream and Slipstream. Each with their own set of abilities. So none of the transformers feel like boring clones of one another with a different paint scheme.

The look of the transformers themselves are all very Cybertonian, they don't have earth vehicle forms(since they aren't on earth) The vehicles forms are just as devastating as their robot form, in some cases, down right scary with what they are capable of doing. Come across a brawler in Tank form and you better not be staring down the end of his barrel.

The controls are all very FPS friendly and even the switch to vehicle mode doesn't break that scheme, it all flows very naturally and was a pleasant surprise. I thought that there would be a disconnect like other Tranformer games I've played. Some compare the robot forms akin to what Gears of War plays like, it does to some extent but without the cover mechanic.

It took me a little over 9 hrs to finish the single player campaign and I must say I enjoyed myself immensely. My only grip with the game is the transformation process from robot to vehicle. Looking at it, you can't tell what goes where. There is no, this part of his body is the hood, that's the door. Instead, they sorta explode into a messy polygonal explosion of spikes and reform as a vehicle, with the last few pieces of their form clicking into place. Perhaps it goes by so fast that it really does have all the pieces going here and there. But it happens so fast that I really can't tell.

In regards to the overall feel of the game, its keeps true to the 80's. Remember that deep voice that was in the Transformers animated movie. Well he returns to narrate inbetween levels. Peter Cullen comes back to do the voice of Prime and Soundwave sounds like classic Soundwave and not Dr Claw from Inspector Gadget like the Michael Bay movies.

A big thumbs up for the single player portion.

What surprised me even more was the very indepth multiplayer. Just coming off the Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer and being thoroughly angered with it. (It gets better ) they do know that's the slogan for young gays still in highschool?

Everything that Black Ops have, Transformers have. A skill tree, a challenge list, upgrades, accessories and one above the by adding in different classes to choose from. Like I said in previous post, Its like I am missing some important piece of black ops. Something that I'm just not getting cause I am dying all the time.

In Black Ops, higher ranked players have a distinct advantage over lower rank players and its not until they reach level 10 do they start getting decent weapons that you can even remotely compete. But to get to that point you have take so much punishment. Its like the frat houses that punishes its new members with beatings before they can join.

How do I know I am a good FPS player. After only 5 games of multiplayer matches playing with all ranks of people. I was able to come in 1st place AFTER 5 ROUNDS!!!!! HOW?! Playing smart! COD, you can rarely survive an encounter. If more than one person sees you, you can rest assured, one of them will take you down.

In Transformers, even if you have two people tracking you both firing at you(Coming from different directions).Then turning around and Backing up is a choice, throw a grenade, dizzy one guy, dash in and smash the other and pull out the pistol and shoot the other guy in the head. COD, I meet two guys, even before I can pull up my iron sites I'm dead, even if I shot from the hip I'm still dead, EVEN if I managed to kill one, the other one still kills me. It all feels like way too much luck rather than skill(espcially when you see the kill came and death by knee caps seem to be the trend)

I've been in situations in Transformers where I had 3 guys shooting at me, a quick dash and drop a grenade to stun them, circle around a bash them from the side and drop kick the last guy to pieces. Its just a very smart game, not BANG, your dead. Like I said, in 5 rounds I was able to come in the top player and get a kill streak of 8. Coming out of the match with kills of 16 and 4 deaths. Something is seriously wrong with COD, suffering it out till you are able to hold your own is not fun.

Transformers makes it so that not the top players are dominating the battlefield. the result is a competitive and fun match. Well done sir, well done. Sad thing is, there is only between 700-1500 people playing at time, where you log into COD, BO's and its numbers is up between 650-700 hundred thousand.

Transformers, I can't give it enough praise, smart, fun, keeps true to the 80's style and feel and a great multiplayer experience. You don't have to be a transformer fan to enjoy this game, its fun for everyone.

Kickass online trailer.