Monday, January 31, 2011

Magic Orbz - PSN

I was interested in this game from day 1, but being $14.99 seemed a little excessive for a bouncy ball game. So when both the game and its DLC went on sale for $7.49 then I thought, "that's much more agreeable", and I picked it up.

This game is definitely worth $7.49....errrrrr, not so much $14.99. Its your basic bounce ball off of blocks until the level is clear plus power ups. I've always enjoyed those types of games such as Ricochet and others like it. This one is very colorful and vibrant and plays well.

There's really not much I can say about it, there's 24 levels per world and there are 2 worlds in the main game with 3 more in the DLC. We get a beach theme, kings and castles theme, Christmas theme, Halloween theme and a tiki theme.

Each is very unique from the other, you bounce the ball around until all the things are destroyed, simple as that. Its just mindless fun, it is fantastic for being one of those games that you can pick up, play a level or 2 and put away again for another day. Seeing has there are over 100 levels, its got some shelf life, unless you are hardcore and must play them all right away?

The key to winning these games, as 90% of my deaths were due to this. ALWAYS go for the ball first and the power ups second. The game taunts you with power ups, some helpful and some not. But a power up starts falling to towards the opening and like a moth to a flame, you race towards it, trying to snatch it up before its gone. Then once you get it, your ball zooms past you.....your dead. Well, sure glad you got that power up, cause its useless now.

Later on, the levels gets so low on the screen that shooting the ball results in it bouncing around very close to your bumper and becomes a game of reflexes. At this point, its very easy to lose the ball as well.

It also has co-op where you can play with a buddy, where each of you get one part of the screen to defend or bounce. You both get a ball each and its this way that you can really rack up the points and bonuses. Its much more enjoyable playing with a friend, as you can blame the other person for losing the ball.......Ian!

Overall, I enjoy the game because I like this type of genre, the price was right and its co-op fun. I don't know if there's a demo, but give it a try if you like.


Big D said...

Weird, last time I tried to convince people to play with my magic orbz I got sent to jail..

Blake said...

Yeah, its a touchy subject...hahaha,...get it?..get it?...touchy?!...orbz?..ballz?!..touching balls?!?!......uh..uhhh?!!!

I'm here till Friday People!!!