Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frogger Returns - PSN

It took me this long to finish this game, which I purchased at least 6 months ago on the PSN store.

It has 4 levels which can be beaten in 20 min, but its going to be more like 25 min.

I love classic gaming and although this game didn't receive the high praise from critics(which I agree, there isn't much here) I did enjoy my time playing it.

The main thing about this game is that there are no options. You can play through the game yourself or compete with a buddy to see who can get Frogger across the street the most. That's it! They should have taken a page from the Championship Pacman Edition. That thing is full of extra stuff to do.

Overall, it doesn't capture the old game very well, it is colorful but poor graphics and the angle with which the camera is stuck, makes it difficult to know if you are at the edge of ledge or if you do indeed have one more jump before you reach the edge. Which results in alot of unnecessary deaths.

What you have to do, is make it to the end of the level, 5 times before time runs out. There are power ups to grab along the way, which slow time, freeze enemies, reverse direction, and invincible. Also for bonus points you can grab this little pink frog along the way to carry on your back to take to the end for extra points.

Each level is unique and plays differently, but while I was dieing alot. The key to finishing all 4 levels is patience. Wait, wait wait, even though there is a time limit, which is what pushes you to make a jump that was not needed. If you just take your time and look both ways, than its pretty dang easy.

After I started doing that, I finished the game with 3 extra lives as oppose to reaching a level with no lives.

It would have been nice if they included a old school version of Frogger or something, but alas we get nothing. It is not the best remake of a classic and unless you are a hardcore 80's gamers nostalgist like me, then I say no to getting Frogger, even though its only $4.99. Its not worth the money.