Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3DS Games May Cause Eye Problems or How SMRT R Gamers?

We've all known someone or ourselves experienced a little vertigo or nausea when watching a 3D movie in the theater. And that was just from a 60 min to 90 min movie. I've seen 2 3D movies last year. So in one year I watched 180 min/4 hrs of movies in a entire year.

So now you apply that technology to people's homes where they can now watch movies and play 3D games. Apply that to handheld systems and soon its all over the place. The only problem is that, NONE OF THIS HAS BEEN TESTED PROPERLY!! Sure we heard the warnings, of don't play for too long. This may affect younger children eye development.

Destructoid reports "That is until Nintendo World held a large 3DS testing event last week.With a troubling report claims that a "majority" of players suffered side effects as a result of the 3D gimmickry. Japanese magazine Friday claims that players suffered from dizziness and eye fatigue, and often switched the visuals to 2D within ten minutes. Apparently, holding the 3DS still can help with the strain, but that wasn't good enough for quite a few players."

Since this is the only test being done,how can one know for sure what the actual effects are? Like I said before, this is a no brainer for me, its just common sense. That you introduce something that messes with your visual acuity and depth perception and you are going to have problems. If people were experiencing problems after 10 min, then imagine those are sticking it out for hrs on end playing games?

But does the average gamer care about these speculations? Let see some comments!

Calibre53 I'm going to wait until I get to try it myself before freaking out.
Blake-Great Idea, if you hear that guns kill people, don't take others word for it. Try shooting it yourself at someone before freaking out!

Matthew Razak Even if your last sentence is true I say it's worth it. ( Referring to the Destructoid article)
Blake - This is what we call in nature, Thinning the herd. Don't touch that, its hot you will get burned. Now apply what Matthew Razak says.

I'm in no hurry for the 3D tech. I'm even thinking at looking long term 5-10 years to really see how 3D effects peoples eyes, young and old. I find it scary that alot of people don't even give this any thought what so ever.


Oliver.M said...

to be honest, you are actually right... but hey! It's 3D! Lol. All i hope (for Nintendo's sake) is that the 3DS doesn't flunk it like the Virtual Boy did.

Blake said...

I hope they pull through it as well. I don't want to see them fail, but I don't think alot of thought went into long term planning when asking the question," Will this affect people's and more importantly younger kids vision?"