Sunday, December 19, 2010

X-men Goodness....All Over the Place!

I couldn't wait....the same day that my Christmas vacation began I bought X-men Arcade on the PSN. I couldn't do it...those pixels staring at me in Xmen form with all the glory that was the 1992 arcade machine.

This takes your right back to the arcade, the animations the music the horrible written dialogue. Welcome to Die!! and Master of Magnet are my 2 favourite lines from the game. Along with Xavier shouting "Xmen Xmen" every time we meet. Makes for a very nice nostalgia game.

I loved every min of it....that's right every minute. Its not very long, especially since you can beat the game in under 25 min. They include 2 versions of the game, the japan and the US. They are pretty much the same except the japan has power ups.

Honestly what I got out of the game are the memories of what it was like to play it with 6 other people and battle all the way to the end and spend and entire weeks worth of allowance in one 10 min sitting. So you play with up to 6 other people online and 4 people local. Its great fun and for me it was worth the money.

For for somebody who isn't familiar with this game and don't really care that its the x-men. I would probable tell you to wait, and buy it when it goes on sale for $5 bucks. There just not alot here, no bonuses (which they could have done something) and not much replay value. I've played it a couple of times with friends on my list and its fun the first few times.

But I think that this is what this game is meant to be all about. Jump in for a quick round with friends and then move on to something else.

What's crazy are the leaderboards. If you check them out you can see one guy at the top with 9999 points for each of the 6 characters. To give you idea of what this person must have done to achieve this. He spend between 5-6 hrs per character maxing out the score. Meaning once his game ended he kept repeating the same levels over and over again for 5-6 hrs. That's beating the game 6-8 times in a row. I can honestly say that I had my fill beating it once, twice was tolerable and a 3rd is a no go.

So some people love it, a fan like myself enjoyed and for all others. Wait for it to go on sale if you never heard or played this game. Its good, but not $10 good.


Edward said...

Yeah, bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
This is perfect for pure beat'em up chaos, but it's also a game I'd like to dedicate myself to learning how to play decently (mainly because I'm an X-Men geek).
You can expect a more decent performance from me next time we go online!

Blake said...

Its great button mashing fun.