Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanks Game Fudge!..You Broke My Brain

Another gaming blog called Game Fudge are doing their own Best/Worst of Games of 2010. One of those categories is called Best Worst Game which is Deadly Premonition. I remember seeing this in the store but never gave it any more consideration than that.

After watching the video that Game Fudge posted of the some ingame cut scenes...I think my brain went,"cheque please".

This game is possibly one of the most bizarre pieces of cut scenes I have ever seen. To the music, the dialogue to the main FBI guy who is constantly rocking back and fourth like someone from a mental institution while he talks about sandwiches. Down to Mr Rhymes alot in a white suit. I don't know what to make of it. It hurts my brain to try and even understand what the developers were even trying to do.

Its like a dream that someone would have and wake up the next day and say" I had the weirdest dream last night, I was a FBI agent who was ordering a lunch and was interrupted by a man in a white suit who rhymed everything to me with his boss who sat in a wheel chair with a gas mask arguing with me that I should try the turkey, strawberry cereal sandwich. He wouldn't leave me alone until I tried it"

I must play this game, that's all their is too it. For if I don't, its chew it?....I guess I am not as good rhymer as the guys in the game. Thanks Game Fudge!!